Posted by: Arria Perreault | May 23, 2010

Election of the 13th Representative Assembly

Publication of the results

The Scientific Council has released the results of the election  of the 13th Representative Assembly in the Therms of Nova Colonia. The members of the New Assembly are:

  • Arria Perrault
  • Cindy Eksol
  • Gwynneth Llewelyn
  • Kaseido Quandry
  • Lilith Ivory
  • Muhammedyussif Wikinger
  • Patroklus Murakami
  • Pip Torok
  • Rose Springvale
  • Solomon Mosely
  • Stuichicanne Darkstone
  • Timo Gufler
  • Tor Karlsvalt

The participation rate is low: 42,7%.


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