Posted by: Arria Perreault | May 28, 2010

Assessment of the 12th term

The people in charge during the 12th term were deeply critized. Was this term so bad? To answer this question, we just have to look what has happened during this term.

Citizen evolution

Evolution of the number of citizen

July 2009:
pre-merger CDS citizens: 71
new CDS citizens from AA: 60


Land sales

Yellow Map at the beginning of the term

Yellow Map at the beginning of the term

Yellow Map at the end of the term

Yellow Map at the end of the term








  • more citizens
  • land almost sold out
  • more communication channels

Do we have to listen to rumors and “urban” legends?



  1. I thought this was supposed to be the “independant” (sic) press of CDS, not one person’s personal (dis)information tool. No “facts” here…. Just “bling-bling”….

  2. Well, let’s see: 9 citizens moved in. I was one of them, brought in through Rose’s efforts – and she held no official position in the CDS last term. I believe I’m not the only person in that category.

    The largest vacant parcel in the CDS remains vacant despite a demand for land, because of its ludicrous pricing – well, that *is* something the previous administration can take credit for.

    To be fair, the former Chancellor did actively promote land sales, through her profile and frequently her group tag.

    Shame it wasn’t CDS land, though…

  3. Wonderful statistics, Arria! Thank you for publishing them!

    Indeed, we should think a bit and watch what happened in a detached way. We’re not doing so bad after all!

    I wonder if you have any way to calculate the number of announced events during the 12th term compared to previous ones. I believe that the difference won’t be too big, either.

  4. I don’t think the criticism has anything to do with performance, but is a tactic to keep people on the defensive with constant accusations.

  5. There are some numbers and pretty graphs, Robert 🙂 You’re welcome to ignore them or to suggest different interpretations of them.

    And in my mind, “independent” means “independent from government” in the sense of “not being under government control”.

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